An empress, an empire, and a cup of tea…

Empress Tea found its beginnings as an experimental creative group blog. It provides an artistic outlet to inspire and encourage talented female minds from across the globe. In this collaboration we openly share a wealth of ideas, exhibiting freedom of expression within a positive and supportive group dynamic. Using the internet as a medium to express our creativity we commit to taking time for ourselves to dream and expand our creative nature.

What We Do:
Empress Tea is a collaboration of talented women from across the globe. It is a wonderful organic mesh of creativity and complete randomness. According to sequence on the Empress List, each woman gets an opportunity to post something creative on the blog. There is currently 1 post per week — every Monday. Each woman looks to the previous weekly posts for inspiration for her own piece. Her response does not have to be a piece of writing–we are encouraged to use our imagination and express ourselves creatively. A response can reflect upon a previous post or it can continue onto a new topic but there should be some kind of through-line in this ever-growing organic evolution of topics and themes. The proverbial conch will thus continue to be passed around between the ladies with the hopes of inspiring each other and perhaps even a passerby along the way. We hope you enjoy our musings!