A City Prague1)   One woman per city may contribute to this original blog for creative minds.
2)   Once you have been invited, have been given a password, and successfully have your name on the Empress List you can now start posting (in scheduled sequence).
3)   All collaborators will be notified every time a post has been made. After you post, don’t forget to share your work with your followers on social media!
4)   At present we post once per week on Mondays. Each woman looks to the previous week’s posts for inspiration for her own piece to fuel our ongoing creative exchange.
5)   We understand that life can get hectic so, if you give us advanced notice, you have the option to pass your turn to the next person. But use this wisely because if you pass more than you post we might have to give you the boot!

All contributors and guests are encouraged to post in the comment section. Please remember that this is our private site and, although we do not wish to promote censorship, we reserve the right to delete comments we deem unsavoury or to ban comments entirely from people who are repeatedly offensive. We consider blatantly racist, sexist, or homophobic comments personally insulting, and defamatory statements as well as marginally relevant comments designed to provoke arguments and derail the conversation to be unacceptable, and as such will be removed. You may post under a pseudonym or screen name, but please only one. We’d like to get to know you as well as you get to know us!

If you don’t see your city listed and would like to join the conversation, we would like to hear from you! Please contact us at

We hope you have fun listening in and we encourage your comments. Enjoy!