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    health sisterhood

    Love Myself Today: A Work In Progress

    Can you say ‘I love myself’ and mean it? Do you wish for self-love? This piece reveals the struggles with weight gain & the pursuit to live more healthily. Lately, I’ve found myself struggling…

    November 8, 2016
  • sisterhood

    The Slump (or: Putting Yourself First)

    Frustration has been my friend for a long time. I feel like I never have enough time for anything. I feel cooped up with caring for my children. I want to do so many things but…

    April 1, 2015
  • health sisterhood

    The Moments Between

    It started with an unsettling feeling followed by tears and turned into a full blown migraine. There have been a lot of holidays lately – not my celebrations necessarily – but ones I have…

    October 9, 2014