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A New Beginning, A New Global Community

by Bridget — April 11, 2011

No matter where I’ve lived in the world I’ve discovered that my life is enriched by my communal participation. Being involved in a community (or several) is such a basic experience of human nature. It’s amazing how I find I am most unhappy when I withdraw from being involved with people. In contrast, I thrive when I’m sharing my ideas & experience with other like-minded individuals. I gain useful insights into my own personality and I am forever inspired by the support and care of others. Without my social groups I would find it hard to remain true to myself or to stay grounded. The collage above is a shout-out to communities of all kinds… each of the images I collected from various sources on the internet, one of the largest and information rich sources for/of communities.

With this blog, let’s share, be creative, explore our experiences and draw connections. Let us grow together as a unified group of women and overcome the distance between us living in our respective countries. Thank you internet for making it easy for global communities to share our perspectives, our knowledge and our creativity.

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