If only I had Tiramisu in the Fridge

by Tink — October 30, 2011

A few years ago I lived with a friend Rebecca and her delightful partner. Early-ish one Sunday morning, I walked into the kitchen to see the freezer door open and behind it found Bec’s man eating chocolate icecream straight out of the tub. Grinning at me, all he said was ‘I’m a grown up, so I can’.

Sadly this morning, there is no chocolate icecream in the freezer. Nor is there tiramisu in the fridge. I’m not a baker, I’m not a chef, but I love to cook. And I make – she says all modesty aside – a pretty damn fine tiramisu. Chocolatey, custardy, made with cream & mascarpone, espresso and Marsala. How I wish I had some in the fridge this Sunday morning…

I am, technically speaking, ‘grown up’ and so if I could, I would be sitting here in bed eating tiramisu for breakfast. There is a lot on my plate at the moment, I’m feeling just a teency bit overwhelmed. And with a day of writing and catching up on emails in front of me, I am (to be completely honest) lacking in inspiration. A 5 minute speech to given at a prize-giving at my old school, tomorrow morning, needs to be written. And while I love public speaking and the challenge of figuring out who the audience is and what to say, this morning, I’m stumped. But I know, deep in my bones (or stomach, more to the point) that a big old bowl of tiramisu would be just what the inspiration doctor ordered.

Instead, I’ll settle for coffee infused with cardamon and Green & Black’s 85% chocolate. Let’s see if that works…


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