A Bit of a Twist

by Lem — February 16, 2012

I’m terribly sorry about this, but with this humble and brief posting of mine I have to take you away from JoAnna’s most likely warm and lovely yoga indian island and transfer you to a cold and snowy Munich night. But don’t worry, the kettle just boiled. Earl Grey, nice and hot. Please, do sit down and have a cup. One sugar, or maybe two? There you go.

Actually, this is the first moment in the past two weeks that I’ve been able to catch a short breath and steal some time for myself, thanks to the blog deadline. Reading the yoga valentine post reminded me of the short affair I had with it. Ok, it was more a one-sided thing. I admit that I tried too hard, and in the end we both agreed that we should just stay friends. Amicable separation, so to speak. We do see each other sometimes – more by accident though. A lot of things do seem to happen by accident in the past few weeks it seems. Smaller and bigger ones. Mostly accidents/incidents that take your breath away and – temporarily – disrupt the flow of the day. And even after the first little shock has worn off, I feel myself breathing a lot more irregular for the rest of the day. It’s no wonder my little affair with yoga hasn’t lasted all that long. I understand breathing is an essential part the whole concept – and I am terrible at it.

So here I am, trying to breathe deeply, trying to get some equilibrium back and trying to embrace the change that all those lumps and bumps have brought with them. Because, gosh darn it, some of the change might be damn good. I might enjoy it. A lot! And I might even give the downward dog another try.

But for tonight I’ll release you back to southern indian islands. It’s been a pleasure and please, do come back for some more tea. Maybe next time, let’s break out this great Gyokuro green tea I received from a fellow student. I’m looking forward to it!

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