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Recipe for Successful Creativity

by Bridget — March 21, 2012

These are an assortment of handmade creative cards to help me through moments of: dullness & low energy, moodiness, feeling stuck, and exhibiting destructive behaviours or poisonous thoughts that are detrimental to my artistic output.

I’d seen creative cards before, cards you could purchase at a store, but I’d never considered making my own until I started reading The Creative Entrepreneur. I’ve been methodically making my way through the book and completing the small, but meaningful, creative projects along the way. Once I got to the section on Mastering Your Modes Recipe Cards I thought, “Brilliant! This might work!”

Working for myself, I often find it difficult to sustain my inspiration and enthusiasm for my own ideas & projects, so creative recipe cards, tailored to my own specific experiences and remedies I respond to, seem like a great way to motivate my passion to create. I often have all these great ideas but I don’t actually do them. So, I’ve decided that it’s time for more action. Armed with my new creative cards, and a few supportive & nagging friends (namely Nathalie), I hope to amp-up my productivity this year!

I have some friends who really responded to the idea of my cards so I thought I’d share the concept with you so you can make your own!

[Conversely, you can tailor the cards however you wish. If you’re not a creative type, but you spend too much time at work, you could try making Relationship Building Cards that help guide you to spend more time with your loved ones.]

Creative Cards Recipe

Each card represents the different challenges that disrupt my creativity and on the reverse are the solutions I can use to counter-act my negative thoughts & behaviours.

card or thin cardboard (from the recycling bin)
tissue paper
old greeting cards
pencil crayons


a) First, I made a list of all the destructive feelings, thinking, and actions that keep me from achieving my goals. (In the example you can see both constructive & destructive for each but for this exercise the focus is on the destructive aspects).


b) I choose a few of my top challenges from the destructive columns and used those for my cards.





c) On the front: For each destructive challenge I made representative images meaningful to me.

On the back: I glued a corresponding list of remedies.
(You could always switch it around and try making a picture of your remedy instead).

d) You can make extras and give some to your creative friends! My friend Heidi, who is a mother/housewife/shop manager, could use a stop Excessive Worrying card… can’t we all?

Card Size: I made mine the same size as a deck of cards I had laying around the house. I used the standard card to trace the size onto random card/thin cardboard I had in my recycle box: a cracker box, a brie cheese box, some old greeting cards, etc.

Decoration: Then I decorated them with coloured tissue paper & images from magazines, cards & old projects which I had around the house. I also made sure to add some hand drawings so I could feature some of my own personality.

Storage: I keep mine in a lovely brown leather watch box that was waiting for something to keep in it. You could decorate a special box or envelope for yours. My creative cards sit on my bookshelf; laying in wait for the next time I need inspiration.

Now I just have to remember to actually use them… Happy creating!!!


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  • Nathalie Melville

    As the aforementioned Nagging Nathalie I can wholeheartedly say I have earned the title. However, in my defense it is done with all the love in the world! Seeing someone as brilliant as Bridget not sharing her, (many), talents with the world drives me loopy, (or rather loopier…)! As a creative I relate to the pitfalls Bridget describes and think these recipe cards are genius, (I will be making sime myself). Typically her execution is imaginative, thoughtful and beautiful – much like the rest of her work the world needs to see…

    • Bridget

      Thanks darling! You’re such a wonderful creative support. Who was it that said “Behind every great woman is an even greater women”? Oh that’s right, it was YOU! Love and smooches. Let’s trade a card or two 😉

  • Mindy

    nice writing and what a great idea…I may actually create these for myself as well!

    • Bridget

      Thanks for your comment Mindy!!! I hope you have just as much fun as I had creating my cards. Send me photos when you’re finished 🙂

      Follow me on Twitter @bsteis

  • Heidi

    I certainly could use a card to remind me to stop Excessive Worrying! Love this post and LOVE your cards!