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The Move Forward

by Amber — October 17, 2012

reclining nude move forward

They are beautiful and vulnerable
They hold a visible power
but struggle to stay strong
under society’s twenty-something worship

We see silver spiders, flabby skin
extra weight, scars and cringe
We forget that a child changes everything
including the vessel

We forget that these alterations
are beautiful and necessary to
bring open joy to a new routine

We need to tune out a society
that would have us age backwards
instead of moving forward

look down
look close
feel it
touch it
Thank it

***I wanted to acknowledge my inspirations for this piece. I’ve wanted to comment on this documentary since I saw it close to a year ago: BirthMarkings (, but wasn’t quite sure how. Klarissa’s “Mom Bum” post brought it back to my forethought and added new light. I’m happy with what I’ve come up with, but know I haven’t done justice to the topic. Have a look at BirthMarkings and let me know what you think.

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