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Halloween – Past, Present and Future

by Klarissa — October 30, 2012

The thrill of dressing up as someone else.

The excitement of staying up past your bedtime.

The trepidation of what tricks and spooks lay in wait.

The delight in the treats eaten before sleep finally sets in.

I remember past Halloween’s fondly. My first Halloween dressed as a clown; the first Halloween party I went to as a teenager, dressed as a devil; in university, we raided the theatre department’s wardrobe and I put together a “Go-Go dancer from outer space”costume; and now, as a teacher, I get to dress up as a witch and enjoy the Halloween candy given to me by the students.

I remember the first time I said “Trick or Treat” and the man at the door requested a trick. I was so confused – trick? Aren’t there only treats on Halloween?

Then there was the stuffed scarecrow sitting on a porch chair. We debated touching it, since it seemed so alive. I was the brave one…and…aaaaah!…it jumped up and we ran, empty handed.I relished being old enough to dress up in a “sexy” Halloween costume and going to parties where candy was plentiful.

Then life changed, and I started shelling out. I became that nasty adult who demanded to hear “Trick or Treat” and even asked for a trick or two. I live my Halloween youth vicariously through my little ones. My oldest was looking forward to wearing the same cat costume he has worn for the past three years, but it can’t be found. He has settled, rather excitedly, for Darth Vader. My little boy is growing up. This year will be my baby’s first Halloween and my oldest and I are looking forward to seeing his reaction.

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year. And I can guarantee you that it always will be. Being able to be someone else, the candy (especially the chocolate bars) and a bit of fear is the recipe for a perfect night.

May the thrill of this night live on! Whether it be within ourselves, or through our children, our grandchildren, or the excited little creatures knocking on our doors.

 Happy Halloween!

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  • amber

    Hallowe’en is one of my favourite times of year as well…. I get dressed up to hand out candy to the kids and love it. It’s a wonderful creative outlet and the sugar high is a great incentive…. and PS – I don’t see anything wrong with making the kids work for their treats. Ain’t nothing in this world for free and it’s better they learn that sooner, than later! 😉

  • wendy

    What I like about Halloween is even though people dress up as someone else, they’re really showing you (a part of) themselves through a disguise. At least when they’re old enough to put together a costume! Self-expression and fantasies get a legitimate outlet, and everyone’s happy.