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Take In, Give Out

by Niffer — June 3, 2013

I’ve struggled to put together this post.  I thought it was just because I’ve been busy, but I’m also discovering that it’s also because I’m in absorbing mode.  I’m voraciously taking in information, visual, aural, literary.  Watching shows, reading books, browsing catalogues… even having conversations with friends.  It’s a restive state in which I sift through all the things coming at me and evaluate what they are all about.  Unfortunately it leaves me a bit blocked when it comes to actual output.

So, since I’m at a loss as to what I’d like to say, I thought I’d include some links to things I’ve come across that have given me food for thought.

About unrest in Istanbul:

A friend of a friend… a young widow blogging about her love of food and her lost love:

Changing the world, one cereal commercial at a time:

The truth underneath it all:

And if we all had no fear:

I hope these make you all think or feel something.  Let me know some of your favourite blogs, videos, intellectual arguments, or pieces of music!

And just to leave you with something fun:


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