So many possible topics, but the flu wins

by Klarissa — April 30, 2014


I have to keep this short as I’m down and out with the stomach flu. A cruel one that allows me hunger, while not allowing me the sustenance of the food I consume.

Ok. This isn't me, but he sure is cute...and comfy...which I was.

Ok. This isn’t me, but he sure is cute…and comfy…which I was.

Day one was fine. I felt terrible and slept most of the day, which I have to admit was most pleasurable since it’s not something I get to indulge in anymore. I must find a way to do this more often without being sick.

Day 2 has been much tougher. As the flu bug wains, I have more energy, which means bed

It's coming to get you...

It’s coming to get you…

is not as enjoyable as yesterday. I want to be up and moving, but not enough energy to do so. My tummy is famished and I want to eat, but that is cruelty unto itself. I decide to watch a movie in bed, this makes bed much more fun again, but my choice in movies is not the best, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” Mmmm meatballs, I’m a vegetarian, but those meatballs sure look good right now. Oh, the injustice of it all! Hmmm. I think some deliriousness is seeping out of me now.

And this also isn't me, but he sire is cute...and comfy... like I was...

And this also isn’t me, but he sure is cute…and comfy… like I was…

I must snuggle under the covers with my movie and drool some more.

Day 3 – I have high hopes for you!

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