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On Procrastination (and Squirrels!)

by Klarissa — June 16, 2014
not doing anything squirrel



Mental distraction techniques










I have marking to do, report cards to complete, a blog to write, a house to clean, a lawn to mow, a garden to … what’s that out the window? Ooooh, the sun is shining. I should go for a bike ride. No! I must mark the grade 8 projects. Of course, it would be good to organize them first, maybe alphabetically, or I could lay them out in a marking inspiring design. Shoot! There’s the phone. I’ll just talk for a minute…or 30 minutes. Never mind, I have lots of time. It’s only Saturday and the kids don’t come home until tomorrow, and besides, nothing is due until Monday. I think should definitely get some reports done…Hey! John just played his turn on Words with Friends. It wouldn’t be right to keep him waiting. Okay, back to reports…aaaawh, what a cute squirrel.


Too cool for school squirrel


Clever squirrel

Squirrel on Teapot -funnaturephotography

The Empress Tea Squirrel! You can even buy this one online.










So, it’s Monday morning and 4 out 7 class reports are done. That’s over half. Not bad. I wonder if my principle would agree. My blog is done, but no time for pictures. 😉 There’s a picture! And, I can’t get in to post my blog. Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have left it until the morning it was due. Bridget, Help!!!!!!!

Soccer Squirrel

Soccer squirrel! (I thought we could use a little World Cup nod even though this photo is from December)

cat dog squirrel nuts joke

And this is what happens when you ask Bridget to post your procrastination post for you. You get SQUIRREL BOMBED! BOOYAH!!!!


All squirrel photos & captions added by the Head Empress, Bridget. My justified revenge for Klarissa the procrastinator. May all your male squirrels magically turn into fabulously perfect men…

 red lips isolated in white Bridget

Sword in the Stone Animated Squirrels


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