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My House Magazine Feature

by Vania — July 22, 2014

During the design process of our house, my husband and I flipped through home design books, magazines, and websites, diligently bookmarking and saving pictures. I have hundreds of pictures of house exteriors and interiors on my MacBook and iPad. These images inspired us and helped us to dream about our ideal home. Last May, our house was featured in an Indonesian home design magazine, Home Diary, and hopefully it will be able to inspire others.

Edy Hartono, our architect is really awesome. He designed our house and interior as well. We had a lot of ideas, and did not stop revising designs until we got it right. Edy was really patient and able to accommodate our requests and incorporate our ideas without compromising his creative integrity. I think his wonderful designs truly deserve to be exposed and become an inspiration to architects, home owners and students of art alike.

Below are pictures of our house in Home Diary’s fifth edition of 2014. Chloe loves to look at them, so the magazine is quite raggedy.





Now, what you see is not how it really is. I cannot believe how nice and tidy our house turned out in pictures. In reality, our living room area and our master bedroom’s TV credenza shelves are dominated by Chloe’s toys. I also have clutter here and there, on the dining table, for example. It is close to impossible to have flowers and candles inside the house with a toddler. They also removed many personal items to make surfaces bare. Most of the photo session was used to move and hide Chloe’s toys and random clutter. This experience really put me at ease about not being able to keep my house as tidy as the ones in the magazines. I am sure many houses featured in magazines receive the same makeover during photo shoots so I have been feeling less guilty. If you were worried about living up to the impossible standards set by the interiors in magazines as I was, you should also cut yourself some slack.

I hope the pictures are clear enough and you enjoy them. We received more magazine feature requests, but it is just impossible with our newborn. If you are interested in discovering more of Edy’s design, you may visit his website at edhaarchitects.com or blog at http://www.edhaarchitects.blogspot.com/.

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