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Less Than Perfect (and I’m Okay With That)

by Sara — August 31, 2014

cloudy morningI had some high hopes for this post – it was meant to be written on a Friday, in a quiet and sunny spot involving some major reflection on what a morning might look like when I start this bakery I’ve been talking about for ages.  Instead, on this cloudy, cool Saturday morning I have a slight tinge of a headache; I’m easily distracted by kids in need of breakfast and (seemingly) Netflix.  But the birds are singing as they did yesterday so I’ll plod along too.  (After writing that sentence, two stellar jays appeared, so yes indeedy, I’ll keep going.)

Our two month vacation in Canada is coming to a close.  It’s a very separate world, this Canada and that life in Ethiopia.  It makes for strange adjustments on either end but they are adjustments I’m handling better (although I find myself getting angry at Ikea – what do you mean you can just pick up this stuff that makes life easier any old time for a reasonable price?) I hope to handle the return back to life in Addis with some amount of grace and look forward to the birds singing in our avocado tree during the bright mornings.

And, like Cheney, there is some excitement to be found underneath the self doubt and insistence on perfection the first time around.  It’s the bakery, and really knowing that I’ll be doing something for myself that’s new and not kid-focused, that has me looking forward and up.  Given that here and there are quite disconnected in my brain, one of my sister-cousins suggested I visualize what a day at the bakery might look like.  So even though the conditions feel less than ideal (as a loud lawn mower starts up), I’ll do just that.

I feel ready for this day.  It’s a bright morning, very early so kids and husband are all asleep.  I make some coffee and sit outside on our bench and listen to the birds twitterpating.  I eat some ferfer so I won’t snack on too much sugary goodness later.  The drive to work is equally bright and I take a few deep breaths of still fresh air.  My work space is clean and neat; it makes it easy to decide what to start with.  I put on music and begin my day with a little dancing.  From the start, it all smells like sugar and butter and home but I burn a batch of cookies – mistakes happen.  I also help myself by roasting some pumpkin for purée and getting some pie dough started.  My partner pops in to say hi and brings me a coffee.  All the goodies are arranged in the display; I am proud and I am smiling.

And now, I have to get warm.  On goes this day.  And the next.




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