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I Never Said I Was a Visual Artist

by Amber — October 2, 2014

Amber's Art


This is nothing like I had visualized in my head. It was going to be so grand. A beautiful use of natural or artificial light to convey a moment words would be hard pressed to describe…. but as it turns out, I had the same problem with the materials I had at hand.

Chime in ladies… I’m curious to find out if my resolution art piece brings any thoughts or feelings to the surface….

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  • innoj

    Funny how I feel obliged to comment near every time you add a story but here I go once again..
    Your painting / collage seems to show real emotion and your imaginative/ intuitive nature as like your writings are.. The vaginal shape is an interesting one because its the same shape as a seed hence life is the metaphor here I believe…It is a complex but simple design and some scientists believe it is the one shape or form that describes everything natural, be it galaxies or the way electricity flows over our sun and literally everything alive have similar characteristics as the vagina. So food for thought I suppose..Now I’m no expert on painting either but I have been known to play with paint and I know how it feels to express yourself visually and I freaking love it..I’m sure you felt like you were purging or maybe cleansing when you painted this..Your brave to put it out there like this so that impresses me as I’m sure it will others.. Id like to see more of your art as long as you feel the want or need to share it! 🙂

  • innoj

    This is the image that came to mind when I was describing the relationship between the sacred feminine and your art.