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Last Minute Halloween Costume Styling

by Bridget — October 31, 2014

Mr Tiny the Shrunken Head

~ Mr. Tiny the Shrunken Head. After my workout he said, “Lookin’ good hot stuff!” He probably says that to everyone. Sheesh. ~

First off, HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! I hope you manage to scare away all of your troubles for an entire year – and good riddance! I’ve been naughty, I was supposed to post yesterday but I thought it would be more fitting to actually post on Halloween. Mwahahahahahaaaa (that’s my best guttural evil laugh in case that wasn’t clear).

It’s the morning of Halloween here in Hong Kong so I’ll probably have to amend this entry with glorious photos of our awesome outfits later (most likely after I’ve cured myself of a hangover. See hangover remedies here…). I’ve going with some old friends, and new, to a Halloween bash this evening. I believe it’s my first All Hallows’ Eve party in about 10 years. I’ve always had a soft spot for Halloween, maybe it’s the designer in me, or maybe it has something to do with getting to dress up as someone else for the evening. Regardless, I’m glad to be heading out with friends looking gruesomely fabulous.

I had a costume shopping date with my friend Kat. I was helping her find the best stuff for her Zombie Mary Poppins costume. With our artistic brain collaboration is was relatively easy. I can’t wait to see her tonight – she’s gone all out! It was only then (Sunday evening) that I got the invite, confirmed on Monday – I’ve had exactly 5 days to throw something together. Monday morning I woke up and put my creative brain to a quick test. Based on the fact that I wanted to be able to make use of clothing already found in my wardrobe, and I wanted a costume that would feature my long natural locks, I promptly decided upon going as the mythical creature Medusa before I even hopped out of bed.

I did some research, and Kat even sent me some makeup thoughts – which I’m totally incorporating, by the way. Click the images to view larger in slideshow…

Eye makeup test.

Medusa Makeup Test

On the day I will add more black around the eye, false eyelashes, more black flakey stuff and the eyebrows will be more defined.


Then I went on a search for snakes! Lots of snakes!

Bag o' Snakes

Bag o’ Snakes

Gold snakes production line. Some people stopped to ask me if they were real. Do they think I'm a snake torturer?

Gold snakes production line. Some people stopped to ask me if they were real. Do they think I’m a snake torturer?









I whipped up a wacky headdress and picked up some golden jewels…

Headdress on makeshift head!

Headdress on makeshift head!

Golden riches

Golden riches









And here I am doing a quick headdress test drive last night.

Wish me luck tonight!!!! Don’t forget to check back here again next week for the finished product! Happy haunting… Shell out! Shell out! The witches are out!

Snake Headdress Test


These are photos from the night. I forgot to take a final eye close up and I’m kicking myself now. The hair and the eyes were the crowning achievement. By the time I was finished getting ready I just REALLY needed a drink! LOL!

Medusa & Mary Halloween 2014

Medusa & Mary1        Medusa Costume1

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