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My Stony Gaze (or; The Top 10 Things I’d Turn to Stone)

by Kimiecat — November 7, 2014

medusa comic1

Halloween was a non event in my house. I worked, picked up my kid and put her to bed. Maybe I watched TV, maybe I was too tired.

Since I’ve started working six or seven days a week I’ve been feeling resentful and burnt out lately. It’s pretty much a new Mom’s lot. As soon as my daughter turned one it’s like she’s transitioned into a whiny demanding dictator with whims and moods. Oh, the moods. I hear this stops around age four. Hahahaha.

So in light of my exhaustion here is a list of things I’d like to turn to stone with my gaze inspired by Medusa.

  1. Medusa Comic2My NaNoWriMo novel. Why did I decide this was a good time for that?
  2. My boobs. Oh wait they already feel like stones, like heavy stones from Stonehenge.
  3. My daycare. Thanks for rejecting half my baby’s wardrobe for having “fasteners” you are all stone so you don’t need any clothes at all!
  4. Toddler tantrums. Would it be super to just turn the baby to stone briefly until they became the lovely child that gives kisses and the screaming, thrashing, & floor rolling gets a rest?
  5. Lines at the clinic. Poof, all stone!!!! I am *first* in line. Free sculpture garden for the sick to enjoy.
  6. Money. Heeeeeey everybody!!!! Stones are money now!!! Stone money!!
  7. Dinner planning. I’m not sure how dinner planning would benefit by being turned into stone, but it’d make me feel better.
  8. My house. Surely it couldn’t get so messy if everything were stone. Too heavy to move so everything would be neat as a pin all the time!!
  9. Myself. If I were stone I might actually get some sleep. Dunno though, screaming toddler might be able to wake a stone.
  10. Unmotivated students. Zap!!! You are stone, begone from my presence. Since you insist on sitting silently acting like stones, you shall be stones.There you have it my top 10 list of all that I wish I could turn to stone with my gaze. Until I actually get this amazing super power I suppose I will just have to keep trudging onward. But seriously, I’d love some stress management tips from our team of super creatives! What do you do for real when you are overextended and feeling burnt out, stealing time from sleeping to finished your projects? I barely have time to shower some days.

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