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A Time-laspe Mural (or One of the Many Things I Did Last Week)

by Bridget — December 20, 2014

Last Day Mural

Hello friends! I can’t explain to you how manic my last few weeks (possibly months) have been. I’ve been happy, sad, crazy, chilled, and all ’round discombobulated but I think I’m okay with that for now. I’ve been thinking about the things that I wish I had accomplished this year but then I think about what I have been doing and I guess I shouldn’t get my panties in knot about it. Because even when life if nutty it’s still pretty good. Maybe I’m just lucky that way, or maybe I’m just an optimist. Ask my besties, they could probably tell you an earful.

One of the amazing things that has got me energized in the past week, besides the opening of one of my best buds’ new jewellery hotspot, Hatton Studios (or see the Facebook page), is that I picked up my new Hong Kong Identity Card. It appears I have put in my dues, ergo, Hong Kong has declared that I am a permanent resident! It’s only semi-exciting as the only thing different is that I have the right to live in HK without a visa and I can vote in the HK elections (Except this means nothing. See The Umbrella Movement/Revolution).

New Hong Konger walking past the protest site. #LennonWall #hkprotest #hk #itsstillhere

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Another thing that had me on a natural high was the making of a really lovely mural—designed by yours truly! You may have noticed some photos on the Facebook page already as it’s an Empress Chic undertaking after all. I was commissioned by yet another amazing company, Urbanity Limited, who handles both a design company and property agency. A wonderfully progressive concept in a circularly flowing business model (something I learned while working with them).

My right-hand lady, Candice, and I had the mural up in 3 days with a little demo work saved for opening night. It went off without a hitch and we were content with the final result. And now, for your viewing pleasure… drumroll please……… pa rum pa pum pum (wait, that’s too Christmassy)… a little blood, sweat and tears…

Or right! And last weekend I was out helping with a graffiti spray bonanza at the youth centre. No wonder I’ve been so tired this week! Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all! Maybe I’ll have time to start feeling festive this weekend…

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