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Get Creative, It’s Our Blogiversary!

by Bridget — April 15, 2015


I’m not sure if you’re aware but the reason I founded this blog was to give myself pressure to yield creative output on a regular basis. The trouble with being a creative individual is that life gets in the way, you often keep things bottled up inside, you don’t get around to expressing it, or you don’t get it out fast enough before you’re onto the next thing and then somehow, while you’re not paying attention, it passes you by. The less physical producing you do, the more you feel like a failure, and so on. These little projects/anecdotes/creative expressions are a lifeline to my creative self, my feminist self, and my social self, and I open myself up to being one of those sharing people in hopes I can somehow inspire you, your friends, and your family too. I never want to forget that when we work as a community/network/team we can accomplish anything. The impossible becomes possible, difficulties become accomplishments, and we lift each other up with mere thoughts and warm hugs. I love you guys! Thanks for your ongoing support on our 4th Anniversary of Empress Tea. All the best to you and your creative hearts and hands.

About the artwork:

“Creativity is Contagious” marker on marker paper, digitally manipulated.
I whipped up the above little ditty with my new markers; a lettering study with an Einstein quote I adore. I’ve been experimenting with markers lately and trying to figure what I can do with them. I’ve tried them on regular sketch paper, and just this week I picked up some marker paper. I have to say I’m not a fan of the Daler-Rowney Marker Paper. It’s a lot softer than I thought it would be so it bleeds badly, not allowing for clean edges, so what’s the point? I wish there were more supply choices in Hong Kong… I guess I’ll have to go on a hunt or appeal to my artist friends who have experience with Copic markers. Advice anyone?


Quick Nathalie

“Quick Nathalie” marker on sketch paper
I bumped into Nathalie on Easter weekend and then came home and did this experiment, leading me on the hunt for ‘harder’ maker paper.


Grumpy Fish bsteis

“Grumpy Fish” maker on watercolour paper.
This is the marker experiment I did on watercolour paper. I found it interesting being so limited in colour choices plus I had a few control issues (ie. lack there of, mostly due to bleeding issues). He turned out alright in the end though!



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