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Callie’s First Birthday Party

by Vania — June 29, 2015


My youngest daughter Callie turned one last month. Needless to say, time passes unbelievably fast when you have two kids. It feels like she was just a newborn only a couple of months ago. I am am wonderfully blessed with my adorable daughters so I had to make a great celebration to commemorate the moment.

Months ahead, I searched for a good place for the birthday party. The date we wanted was already booked plus it just so happened my cousin was getting married the next day. That being the case, we had no choice but to push it back one week but, as we were planning for a party of 50 guests, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


You see, I was determined to make the goody bags myself. Other than the customary snack bag, I decided I would go the extra mile for my daughter’s party and so the highlight of each party favor bag would be a hand-painted clear flowerpot including soil and flower seeds. It took me more than a month to put the 80 bags together; mostly because of trial and error with painting the plastic pots. My sister was a lifesaver and helped me out with the painting. I chose flowerpots and seeds because I’ve recently become enthusiastic about gardening and I think it’s a unique, eco-friendly gift, as well as an excellent learning experience for the children.


The goody bag packing commenced until early morning of the party day. You can imagine how zombiefied I was that morning. Between putting make up on for the first time since more than a year ago and getting the kids ready, I was half an hour behind. If my sister did not come and help me with packing up the goodie bags into her car, it would had been a disaster. We arrived 15 minutes late to the party which was planned to start at 11:00 AM, but luckily the only guests that had arrived was my cousin and her family. We even had a chance to take some pictures in front of the wonderful decor/dessert table.



I was so impressed. Of course I requested the for the butterfly and flower theme, sent them pictures, and advised the colors. I also oversaw the planning of the overall atmospheric design on paper. Our party planner and her team totally did an incredible job at bringing everything into reality. I love the gate, ceiling decor and every last detail.


The children tables was totally awesome too. And don’t get me started about the cake. Amazingly, Callie’s birthday cake fit beautifully with the party’s theme. Seriously, stalk these talented artists’ instagram: @dreamflavours (Party planner for a beautiful party) and @mypreciouscakes (gorgeous and delicious cakes).


The kids looked like they had a lot of fun. I am glad I chose a couple of different party activities so there was enough variety and no long queue. Even I joined in on the glitter tattoo and silhouette artist. Magic school was the most interesting activity of all. The kids, in pairs, got to learn some magic tricks and bring the magic home with them too. It had me wishing I was a kid again!




There was singing, dancing and laughter! The birthday girl, Callie loved the decor and even took time to greet and kiss a bunny. Chloe enjoyed herself with her friends.



Kids were entertained, adults ate well and caught up with old friends, and I even got a short break to eat yummy food. I’d say it was a smashing success! Thank you to the Lord who allowed us to celebrate and to those who came to make Callie’s day special.

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