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High Five the World (A Photographic Listicle)

by Jam — December 7, 2015

There’s been a lot of depressing stuff in the news lately. Things that are making me feel down on the world and pretty shitty about the human race in general. But it got me to thinking, about all the small things in life that are worth rejoicing. And I wanted to take a minute to high five the world, and well, hopefully have it high five me back!

I’ve also been inspired by Thanks Giving, that has been celebrated in many countries all over the world, just a few weeks ago. Not being American or really knowing the ins and outs of the holiday (highlighted by my recent travels in the Philippines), its been a timely reminder that I have a lot to be thankful for. Grown up life can be serious and boring, and pretty scary some times. So, I think it’s important to take stock in all the small delights that come along. Soak ’em up and relish in them.

My High Five to the World:

 Swoony Sunsets

1. Swoony Sunsets

There’s nothing more joyful in life than grabbing a beer, heading down to the beach and saluting the sun as another day draws to a close. Watching the light gradually disappear over the horizon is one of life’s great grounding moments. A reminder to not get lost in our problems and that no matter what, the sun will rise and fall on the world again tomorrow. 

Jamming to the Radio

2. When Your Jam Comes on the Radio

Because every girl knows that no matter how bad your singing voice is, you can sing like an aceppella better than Beyoncé when seated behind the wheel of a car. You’re driving along, the sun is shining, you’ve got the windows down, and low and behold your song comes on the radio. Feeling invincible, you belt that tune out loud and proud and before you know it your beat up blue Ford Focus feels like a shiny new red Porsche – just as you’re caught, mid chorus, by the white van man in the lane next to you. 

Green Growing Plants

3. The Smell of Green, Growing Things 

True, if you’re a succulent in my apartment your fate will probably be to die a horrible and painful death from too much love and overwatering, but nothing serves as a better reminder that life is happening all around us than the smell of green things growing.

Sunday Mornings Tea

4. Sunday Mornings 

Nothing beats the joy of tea and newspapers in bed, big breakfasts with extra rounds of toast and staying in your pyjamas past 11.30am. Scrolling through your Instagram feed with guilty pleasure, knowing the only thing you’ve got to worry about later is which pub to eat your Sunday Roast in. (Also, referred to by my sister as ‘Naked Sundays’, where getting dressed is merely an option and certainly not enforced)

Nudie Run Skinny Dip Moon

5. The Occasional Nudie Run 

Even if it’s just a quick dash from your bedroom to the bathroom past the open front room window that you’ve often seen your creepy neighbour peering through. Or a more adventurous midnight skinny dip in the sea on holiday in Greece after too many Ouzos with a waiter named Stavros. It’s a great reminder that we’ve all got wobbly bits, to not take our selves too seriously, and to enjoy the fleeting sunshine (or moonlight) on your butt. 

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