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Grandma’s Champorado (Chocolate Rice)

by Pomposa — December 21, 2015



I want to share with you my favorite Filipino breakfast. Above is my grandmother’s Champorado recipe. Champorado (Chocolate Rice) is one of the famous breakfasts in the Philippines. Back home, there are stores that serve this every morning on their breakfast menus. We call that kind of restaurant “Carinderia“. It’s where you can find delicious home cook meals.  Most of the time, my grandmother will buy champorado at her friends’ Carinderya for our breakfast but she will cook for us when we want to eat it in the afternoon since no one sells it during that time of the day.

When I’m really missing home, I will always end up cooking champorado. My friends here in Jakarta find it a little bit weird. Well, I can’t blame them. Who eats rice and chocolate together?! So if you’re up for the challenge, try cooking champorado! Let me know what you think!

Tips: If you want you can also try using a cocoa tablet or Hershey’s cocoa. You can also put your favorite chocolate such as Toblerone or even Nutella. If you find it gets too glutinous and sticky, try to add a little bit more water until the consistency is closer to porridge.


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