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by Sara — January 19, 2016

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It’s dogs barking both close and far.
It’s cars reverberating across a bridge whose joints have been sloppily paved over to create heaves that make an empty dump truck bounce and bang.
It’s the trickle of the sink that never shuts off.
It’s the bzz of the mosquitoes now that the rains have lessened.
It’s the smell of wood smoke in the middle of urbanity.
It’s the surprising thud on the roof late at night – what kind of animal is that?
It’s three churches echoing each others’ call but never hearing the others.
It’s cats yowling like possessed children.
It’s children playing the whistle left over from the lollipop sucked on earlier.
It’s men greeting each other as if no one may be sleeping close by.
It’s a woman’s scream – is she hurt or did she hear the news that someone she loves is dead?
It’s repetitive beats for the shuffling of obligated feet at the neighbour’s wedding.
It’s a donkey letting out a lone bray as if to protest the day’s hard load.
It’s the engines of the 777s every seven minutes because travel equals prosperity.
It’s the sound of a sleeping girl sighing through her dreams and I am reminded…
This is home.


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