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5th Anniversary High Five

by Bridget — April 11, 2016

5th Anniversary High Five

It’s Empress Tea’s 5th Anniversary! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we’ve been exhibiting and gathering creative women together from around the world for five whole years already! Happy 5th Anniversary!!!! We’ve shared our joys, our woes, and the best and the worst of our experiences as creative ladies living in our favourite cities and showcase inspiring content. We continue to strive to stimulate your creative juices too by using our work, ideas, and collaborations to spark energy into computer screens across the globe.

To celebrate our 5th Anniversary I’ve thought about what it means to me to run a blog for talented females and to be an everyday champion for women and creativity. We all should take it upon ourselves to be enthusiastic about our capabilities as professionals, family members, teachers, lovers, and as remarkable human beings, because–let’s face it–we’re all AMAZING! In honour of our 5th year, the number five, and supporting and encouraging others, I’ve decided to start an expressive movement called the Empress High Five.

Today, for our 5th Anniversary, I will feature a virtual Empress High Five. You can use it when you’re alone, you can use it in the comfort of your own home or through your mobile when you’re on the go. Everyone of us deserves a grand high five for everything that we do. Accordingly, the Empress High Five is there to remind you that you deserve motivation, acceptance, recognition and acknowledgement for your all of your achievements, no matter how minor.

Behold, the Empress High Five. Give yourself a high five right now! You’ve already clicked on this article, read three paragraphs, and looked at a photo! Well done! Good for you!!!!! Give us an extra creative high five for our 5th Anniversary while you’re at it!

5th Anniversary Empress High Five

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Suggested uses for the Empress High Five

  • I did the grocery shopping!
  • I made it through the day without killing anyone (including children, pets, or partners)!
  • I got a promotion at work!
  • I started my own business!
  • I went bankrupt!
  • I got out of my pajamas and bathed!
  • I made (or ordered in) a delicious dinner!
  • I made someone smile!
  • I got laid!
  • I put money in my savings account!
  • I paid off my credit cards/student loans!
  • I bought a new pair of shoes!
  • I remembered to send a birthday card to my mom (or friend, or other family member)!
  • It’s a great day out!

Nothing is too big or too little for an Empress High Five–the sky’s the limit–and you can use it anytime or anywhere. Get ready to use it to congratulate yourself and your friends, and because this is a blog of women, especially practice it with females who could use support to remember how unique and special they are. Go forth and slap the Empress High Five hand silly. You deserve it! #standforwomen

Nothing is too big or too little for an Empress High Five–the sky’s the limit!

Super High Five, high five, rosy designs, 5th anniversary, sisterhood

“Super High Five Girls” by Rosy Designs. You can purchase this card. How cool is that? Click to view Rosy’s sales page.

Happy 5th anniversary my darling empresses! xoxo


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