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Top 5 Unconventional Females on Screen

by Jam — July 20, 2016

Due to my long standing pleasure of watching movies in my pajamas, coupled with my recent found joy in writing lists – well, here’s another one. A gif-tasctic listicle dedicated to strong and strange female characters that have long lit up our TV screens and movie theaters, and to the weird and wonderful women that play them. These five females have long since inspired me with their unconventional ways, strange beauty and kick ass attitude to life.

Mortica Addams

  1. Mortica Addams, mother to Wednesday and Pudsley, wife to Gomez. Kind of like the opposite to a soccer mom. A bit witchy, a bit vampirey, with a strong sense of family and a mean sense of rhythm on the dance floor. She’s the Goth I’ve secretly always longed to be.
    Movie: The Adams Family Actress: Angelica Houston

Marge Gunderson

  1. Marge Gunderson, jovial (and heavily pregnant) chief of police of Bernaid. Who’s chipper personality works in perfect contrast to the Cohen Brothers bloody chaos. Frankly, I want to see more heroines on screen with buns in the oven.
    Movie: Fargo Actress: Francis McDormand

Suzie Bishop

  1. Suzie Bishop, she’s violent and vulnerable. She loves stories with magical powers in and sometimes goes beserk. True love to orphan scout Sam, and forever fashion icon to me. Need I say more?
    Movie: Moonrise Kingdom Actress: Kara Hayward

Arlene Butterfly

  1. Arlene “Butterfly” Machivellie, flip-flop wearing, weeding smoking, lap dancing New York hottie. Even though her death prevents her from making it to the end of the movie, she still makes my top 5. For all you Tarrentino buffs out there, she shares The Brides Alias name in Kill Bill, Vol 2.
    Movie: Death Proof Actress: Vanessa Ferlito


  1. Matilda, recently orphaned and wise beyond her years. At first glance anyone would think green-fingered, milk drinking Leon would be the star of the movie. But, not when there’s a 12 year old girl who wants to be a hit-women. She taught us all that revenge is sweet and the bomber jacket will never go out of fashion.
    Movie: Leon Actress: Natalie Portman


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