The Art of Staying Put

by Jam — September 5, 2016
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photo credit Joanna Skrypcazk


Two and a half years ago, almost to the day, my husband and I packed all our belongings into boxes, distributed all our good furniture (code for stuff not bought in Ikea) amongst unwilling friends and family and boarded a plane to Hong Kong with two very over weight suitcases and a faint sense of the adventure that lay ahead.

During those two years I visited 10 different countries, swam in 7 different seas, took advice from a witch doctor and turned down a marriage proposal from an Indian prince. In contrast, last week I left the house about threes times, and in all of those situations my motivation was money, sex or food.

Now safely (and rather bored) back in the UK, I’m learning the some what difficult art of staying put. Eight months in to being back ‘on home turf’ and I still crave the thrill of journeying to exotic locations and experiencing daily newness, but am instead seeking fun and excitement in the banality of everyday life. Which, for the record, is a lot harder than you think; unless you’re on a heap of drugs!


Here are a few things that definitely don’t suck about being in one place:


  1. Little people – During the past 2 years I’ve become an Auntie – twice. Tiny relatives can be lovely and alarming in equal measures. I’m using my excessive Cool Aunt powers for good (possibly evil) and inflicting my taste on unsuspecting nephews. It won’t be long before they’re listening to ‘90s Britpop and watching The Goonies. The new generation also deserves the joy of going Back…To The Future!
  2. Sewing & Netflix – A match made in heaven! My new business sees me stitching….a lot. And, well, that allows me to binge watch Netflix series…a lot! You know what I mean – its 3am, and you’re like “just one more episode”. “Just one more!” And all you can think about is where you’re gonna get a pink dress just like Eleven’s for Halloween. Yup, you’re down the binge watching hole! But seriously, how good is Stranger Things?!
  3. Not living out of a backpack – Anyone who has been away from home for more than 2 weeks knows the pain of having to carry all your worldly shit around on your back. I haven’t quite mastered the art of travelling light yet and at this stage of my life, I reckon I never will. The bliss of freshly laundered clothes hanging in your wardrobe is real!
  4. Mamma’s Home Cooking – Not that I’m Italian, in the slightest, but you get the idea. No one makes it like Mamma does and all those warm, fuzzy, family feels that go along with eating a home cooked meal with the people you love.
  5. It’s the perfect time to plan your next trip – Because a huge joy of travel is in the planning and the prep. And yes, I’m going to Monica the hell out of it!


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