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The 3 Best Feels In The World

by Jam — January 30, 2017

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January’s post holiday vibes are kind of depressing. Here are 3 of Jam’s favourite best feels / daily pleasures to keep her smiling despite the gloominess.

I always find January quite tough. The buzz of Christmas is over and all you’re left with is an extra 7 lbs around your waistline, an empty bank account, and a possible drinking problem. In the UK, the days are dark, wet and cold, and the idea of New Year resolutions and setting goals for the year ahead is frankly sickening.  That coupled with the rush of (completely justified) negativity that’s sweeping the world at the moment, got me to thinking about all the good feels. And I thought I’d take a few moments out to celebrate them. The little daily pleasures that remind me to not sweat the small stuff, and to see beauty in the world, even when it feels like its falling down around me.

When we talk about the best feelings in world, normally it’s the big stuff that counts. I’m talking; falling in love, the birth of your first child, and euphoric vaginas. But it’s time to re-evaluate and meaningfully downsize…


The 3 best feels in the world…according to me…

Best Feels #1

Snail Mail

In an age where we receive Whatsapp messages minutely, emails by the hour and check our Facebook page from the toilet, the sheer pleasure of receiving something tangible in the post is more real than ever. A little postcard from your friends travels, a card from Auntie to say you’re missed, congrats on that new promotion from Mum, flowers from your bestie (just because she can). Tearing open a letter or ripping into a parcel holds its own perfect joy that should be celebrated.


Best Feels #2

Bra Removal

If you’re anything like me (and my mother-in law) you’ve already got one arm out of your bra strap and are doing the ‘removal dance’ before both of your feet are soundly through the front door. Nothing compares to the feeling of freeing your baps after a long day at work.  Under-wire serves to remind us that we live in service of The Man, that we still don’t receive equal pay and that tampons are taxed – but on finally reaching home, nothing beats the sensation of free-floating mammories. This feeling of immense pleasure can be enhanced even further by the instant application of track pants, tying your well coiffed hair into a single pony and passing wind.


Best Feels #3

A Cup of Tea

According to my Nan, there’s not much in life you can’t fix with a good ol’ cup o’ tea. A brew, a cuppa, a rosy lee – what ever you call it, there’s a good reason why this blog incorporates its healing powers into its name. All the important things in life are discussed over a mug of char and when brewed with a bit of love and kindness, and shared with those we love; tea can be the great cure-all. Being British; cut me and I bleed tea! Builders of course – So…put the kettle on!

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