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Young Girl Surfing; (A Mother-Daughter Painting)

by Heidi — August 11, 2018

girl, surfing, art, painting, mom & daughter, young girl surfing

A heart-warming painting by creative mother-daughter duo of a young girl surfing. A dynamic, moody, playful expression of a young girl’s daydreams.

Title: Young Girl Surfing

Artists: Heidi Jakal (American Painter, b. 1918) and Caris Kenny (American Painter, b. 2013)

Medium: Watercolor on Paper


Young Girl Surfing is a joint work by mother-daughter team, Heidi and Caris. They painted it while visiting Heidi’s mother’s Maui studio. Caris was sure in her choice of painting herself as a surfer although she had yet to attempt to surf. She also chose to make her surfboard purple because there really is no better color in the rainbow. Heidi created Caris’s figure and painted the waters around her flat and calm. Caris made the water more dynamic and challenging which is symbolic of her starting kindergarten in the near future.

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