Tea Selfie Splendor on Empress Tea’s 7th Anniversary

by Bridget — April 13, 2019
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What are they drinking & why are they drinking it? Discover our ladies tea drinking habits along with a tea selfie for your viewing pleasure!

April 11th marks Empress Tea’s 7th birthday and we are celebrating with a marvelous group post! Each of us has snapped a tea selfie from our respective cities. We’re drinking it, holding it, sharing it, and writing about it. Grab a cup and join us…

BridgetHong Kong

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Just this week I had 2 important tea drinking moments so I’ve decided to share them both. The first tea selfie is of me with a cute little cup & saucer, filled with a delicious rosebud tea. I drank this tea at my BFF (aka. Hong Kong Wife)’s baby shower, thrown by her talented work colleagues at the Hatton Jewellery Institute. They have excellent taste in tea and tea service–top marks to them–plus they throw marvelous parties! The second image is me with my Chinese Medicine doctor. I’ve known her for nearly a decade now, and started as her English tutor a couple of years ago. We meet in her office early Monday mornings before her clinic opens. When she discovered I love tea, it became a ritual to drink it together. We usually drink green tea, often a jasmine, but she has paraded out some extraordinary teas like pu’er, oolong, iron Buddha, dried rosebud & longan fruit, and at Lunar New Year she sent me home with a lovely box of a delicate jasmine tea from Taiwan. Tea has a special way of adding an air of elegance to any occasion. I could write a million stories about tea but I should leave space for everyone else!

JoAnnaNew York

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There’s one hot drink I love more than tea and it’s the one that gets me moving most mornings. When I got into lemon and hot water it was a yoga thing more than a or Goop trend. Try as I might to break the habit, I can’t anymore these days. That is, unless you offer up a mint, lavender, and licorice concoction from Shotimaa—that’s kryptonite I can’t turn down.


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We’re 2nd generation Irish on my Mother’s side. I grew up watching my Mom drink her creamy white tea with sugar anticipating the day I would be old enough to drink my own. I dipped my toes in lightly, following my mother’s footsteps. Milk and sugar transformed the dark waters of the orange pekoe in my mug. And as all people do, I changed, I adapted and eventually I found a tea that suited me better. Moving to fruity herbal teas with milk and sugar (yup I committed that faux pas. Don’t we all do stupid stuff in our 20’s?) however I eventually landed on mint. Initially it was mint with honey, evolving from that into what you see in the mug in the pic. A simple, bag in, strong cuppa mint tea. To be taken once a day, after the kids go to bed.


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Although I love green and black tea, my usual “daytime teas” are herbal mixtures. The past days, I’ve been drinking a lot of fennel tea in the office for calmer nerves and stomach… but my all-time herbal tea favourites are the hay flower teas we buy from a local tea shop. The smell alone transports me back to childhood days, playing in the fields and hiding behind haystacks. Almost like you’re drinking the alps! When having a cup of tea, I try to escape to a quieter place for a minute or two to savour it–like the office kitchen window corner that served as a backdrop for my selfie. While I can have coffee on the go, on the run… tea for me feels different. Tea wants to be celebrated, I suppose. And what’s not to love about a little everyday celebration? 🍵


My favourite tea is Tuesday Night tea.  It’s not a specific blend or brand; instead, my best friend and I set aside Tuesday nights as a standing BFF night. We don’t make every single Tuesday, because sometimes life gets in the way and we’re too tired, or working, or (for Sarah) doing parental-related things that have been scheduled on our night. However, most Tuesday nights find us chatting or chilling over a cup of tea brewed in her fancy Breville machine, or in my plain Jane kettle and tea pot. No matter what blend we’re sipping, Tuesday Night tea is the best tea, because its the tea I share with my best friend. [Pictured: Myranda (left) and Sarah (right), in Sarah’s shop on Tuesday, but not quite the evening, because we wanted to have good light!😁]


*New to Empress Tea. Welcome to the tea party, Meghan!

Hey, I’m Meghan I’m new to the Empress Tea blog. I’m from Burkburnett, Texas. So, in all honesty I’m not a big tea drinker. As close as my crippled behind gets to a cup of tea is the sweetened iced form or of the Long Island variety but I’m looking forward to expanding my horizons and trying new things. I’ll take suggestions and try to incorporate them into my posts, as I write about all the weird, funny, and utterly normal things that come with having Cerebral Palsy and rolling through life rather than strolling.

Thanks for stopping by! Do share your tea drinking stories with us in the comments below. We love to hear from you!

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