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Last Call at the Turkey Point Hotel (or; Beachside Summers)

by Amber — July 24, 2019

While getting ready to visit Turkey Point, Amber stumbles upon a 13 year old article she wrote about this beachside vacation town. How times change!

Crowd dancing, smokey and dingy room, perhaps the Turkey Point Hotel

We were spending the weekend at my parent’s cottage in Turkey Point. It’s one of those suburban, Lake Erie cottage areas. Once populated by bikers, but now house the retired, and escapees from the city.

During the day, guys drive up and down the main drag, shirtless, bass pumping, looking for chicks in bikinis (of which there are plenty) and catcall at them as they pass by. Then turn around and drive back in the opposite direction and do more of the same. Never brave enough to actually stop the vehicle and engage in pleasantries with the opposite sex.

That Saturday night my friend and I were simply looking for a place to dance, drink, and for me–flirt a little bit. All in all, harmless fun. We had a few choices. We could sing Karaoke at the Sun Tan Motel, dance the night away at the Turkey Point Hotel, or head down to the beach for some skinny dipping.

There was a five dollar cover charge at the Turkey Point Hotel. We paid it. Where else were we gonna go? We weren’t yet drunk enough to skinny dip and we’d already hit the Sun Tan. Karaoke with six rednecks doesn’t last longer than one drink, if you know what’s good for your alternative-music-lovin’-heart.

We gladly mixed it up on the dance floor catching the attention of puppies all over the room. (For those of you not familiar with my Mom’s code, puppies are yummy young boys. Just to getcha up to speed.) Anyway, here and there we got glances, smiles, and some even came to talk to us. At home we may have been a little more guarded, but these guys were so young and sweet. Besides, what happens here, stays here! Right?

Then it comes, last call. Everyone grabs their last drink and in a frenzy the tables start to turn. Suddenly the fun bump and grind that was happening in the room has becomes a lot more suggestive as the guys mark their territory and the girls essentially put a leash on the puppy of their choice.

My friend and I don’t notice, at first. We’re having a great time dancing in the cage provided. What do we need with puppies? She’s married, and I don’t like a mess. Which, if untrained, a puppy can certainly be.

That’s when the tall shaggy blonde decides to dance the last dance with us. “New York, New York.” It’s all in fun. Neither of us suspected anything more. We do the Can Can together and then the ugly lights come up. His friends gather round and we all talk about what to do next. One of them throws me onto his back and begins to piggy back me out of the joint. I start to resist and then remember that I’m having fun, so I give in.

This is when he says, so are we gonna have sex tonight? I say, no. He says, will you change your mind? I say, no. He says, are you sure? I say, yes. He puts me gently down and he and his friends walk away.

And that’s when it hits me. OH MY GOD! LAST CALL! It was a signal, a warning whistle, it was their last chance for booty! These boys hadn’t been leashed, and were looking for girls that had yet to be marked.

I’m a little upset that in his eyes I was only good for a shag, and that for hanging out and having a laugh I wasn’t worth his time. But I got over it quickly. There were enough boys to turn down in the parking lot. And we did.

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