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Fantasy on Paper (or; Fulfill Your Desires Creatively)

by Amber — October 3, 2019
Woman laying on bed, lost in fantasy

When acting on a fantasy doesn’t go as planned, try taking a creative approach. It could give you the control you need to fulfill your romantic desires.

We all have desires and fantasies. For some us it may be as simple as having your husband clean up around the house while you have your feet up binge watching your favourite Netflix series. (That’s one of mine.) For others, our fantasies may require a safe word and a trip to your local tack shop. Its fun bringing these images to mind when you need a little extra lift to an otherwise boring day, but are you comfortable acting on them? Sometimes a fantasy is just a fantasy. Better enjoyed in the dark and beautiful corners of your mind than having it ruined by trying to recreate it in your bedroom.

But what if it just won’t leave you alone? What if these night time adventures we crave just want you to set them free? Honestly, if you have a willing partner, go for it, but if you’re stuck finding the dominant version of yourself that can gracefully pull off PVC or becoming the heroine who swoons into her man’s arms, there is another way to satisfy yourself.

Write them down. Fantasies are tailor made for our pleasure. Acting on them involves another human, who, has their faults. Putting your scenario on paper, gives you the control. Your world will be exactly as you dreamed. From the way your partner looks at you when they see you for the first time to the moment that each detail collides together in an explosion of passionate release.

You can keep this intimate piece of writing for yourself to read while relaxing in a candle lit bathtub or you can share it with your partner giving them a better understanding of the role you’d like them to play. It could even morph into a new fantasy.

write your fantasy down…

She lies in bed. Sheets tangled around her ankles and snaking up toward her breasts, covered only in the lace of her favourite negligée. In her hands, she reads aloud from her latest fantasy, voice soft, seductive, under the dim lights beside their shared bed.

Her lover slowly unravels her body from the sheets, goosebumps appear as the cold air finds new skin. Her breath quickens as hands warm her exposed flesh, travelling upwards, she stops savouring the soft touch. Wondering if she should give in, if she should stop reading, abandoning herself to the moment, but she continues. Lips on her belly distract, yet she finds the motivation to continue reading despite the welcomed teasing from her partner. She knows the moment she’s waiting for is coming soon, she knows that when she puts down this paper it will be because she’s finished.

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