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5 Good Things While Physical Distancing

by Meghan — May 15, 2020
Mona Lisa holding toilet paper and hand sanitizer. 5 Good Things

Physical distancing getting you down? Meghan reminds us to take a moment to remember 5 good things that happened today…

After weeks of social distancing, lockdowns, quarantines, and isolation, I started to feel tinges of depression. Mostly from feeling isolated, but also a little bit sad at the state the world and how everything seems to be very self-centered, with mass rushes on food supplies, and toiletries. I’m amazed by people protesting stay-at-home restrictions (with some truly asinine signage supporting their cause, if I might add), as well as the belief that being asked to wear a mask in public is infringing on their rights. What’s clearly highlighted by all of these examples is (in most cases) people don’t care about lives that are not their own. And I think it says something truly sad about humanity.

I like I said, the isolation was getting to me.

Though to be honest. I hate sitting in negative emotions for too long because wallowing affects nothing. Generally I am an optimistic person who tends to go with the flow of life. So, in order to get out of my funk, I picked up a previous habit my sister Jewels and I share.

When my sister is stressed with the pressures of school and/or life in general, I text her at the end of the day and ask her to tell me 5 good things that happened that day, big or small. It’s a reminder that most of those life stressors are temporary and every day contains something good in it.

So here are five things that are helping me through physical distancing…

5 Good Things

1. A New Wheelchair!

I got my new electric wheelchair which is a very pretty iridescent shade of purple. There are multiple reasons this is a good thing, the obvious one being my old chair was broken and run down. The second reason being that with its four new speeds it has made walks to my sisters (for front yard physical distancing visits) a much faster journey. Though going at top speed of 7 mph lead to a few curb checks and made me a bit nervous, it’s still very helpful.

2. Cookouts!

My stepdad got a new fire pit as his anniversary gift and we’ve had a few cookouts. Between that, and walking to and from my sister’s house, I’ve spent a lot more time outside which I think helped boost my mood. I find it surprising because I’m not very outdoorsy but I have found that spending so much time inside is enough to make anyone outdoorsy! By mid June I’m predicting I’ll be back inside under the AC. 

3. Playlists!

My friend, and fellow blogger Myranda, has taken to making and/or finding playlists to express her quarantine moods. She’s got great musical taste, I love exposure to new music, and her playlists titles crack me up. Music helps spark my creativity and keeps me calm in times like this.

4. Crocheted Shoes!

The crocheted shoes make the outfit! As I have stated in a previous post, I’m unable to wear shoes do to circulation issues so when my caregiver had crocheted converse shoes made for me, along with a pair of crocheted ballet slippers, I was very happy! Because they are cute and fun and make me feel some sense of normalcy in my outfits in a way socks just don’t work to complete a look. I don’t currently have the webpage for the person who crocheted these but if you guys want them I can link it later!

5. Online Shopping!

Retail therapy fixes everything! Or at least it helps me feel better momentarily. The bad part of the economic crisis is that pretty much everything has crashed pretty epically. Personally, I decided to forgo Amazon and instead support small business owned and run by women! The really awesome sale prices didn’t hurt either! I got this super cute dress at Dottie Couture For 20 dollars. It fits true to size so I’d recommend going up a size from what you usually do if you are kinda curvy. It looks stretchy but it’s not at all.

striking red dress with ruffles from Meghan's 5 good things list

I also got these very fancy earrings and a mystery item for triple the reward points at Uncommon James. They also currently have free shipping due to covid making mailing things difficult!

gold hoop earrings. from 5 good things list

Bonus Item!

And a bonus thing! I joined an online book club the Chic-Lits to keep me entertained. Feel free to join us on Facebook! We are currently reading Where The Crawdads Sing.

What lifts you up when you are feeling down?

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