How Social Distancing Saved Me: Break for Fibromyalgia

by Klarissa — June 12, 2020
Cartoon sign that reads "Practice Safe Six: Keep Safe. Keep Distance", Covid-19 helped my fibromyalgia

Fighting fibromyalgia for many years, Klarissa welcomes the slow pacing of physical distancing that comes with Covid-19. Now recharged after slowing down.

Five years ago I became very ill. I couldn’t walk, I kept losing circulation, the migraine and pain I had in my body was so bad that I would involuntarily scream. I couldn’t eat without passing out. The list goes on… and on… and on. It took months before I was diagnosed with acute fibromyalgia… and a few other autoimmune disorders. It was at that time that I had to stop writing for Empress Tea.

It took years to get myself to a point where I thought that I felt like myself again. Like most people with fibromyalgia, I started to take on more than my body could handle and I was getting very sick again… but I needed to pay the bills. Then COVID-19 happened. I feel terrible for all the people who have been sick with it and the families who have lost loved ones to it.

As for social distancing though, I am eternally grateful. It is in fact, a big reason why am able to write with the wonderful ladies of Empress Tea again! Bridget asked me an excellent question… why this piece is so short. I will tell you, it is because I need a break from reading. There is so much information out there at the moment that I am on a reading overload–I figured you might be as well. So, the written part of my blog is short and to the point. The rest I chose to perform as a spoken word piece. It was fun to act it out with my voice and, having the choir at the Unitarian Fellowship of London moved to Zoom, I have recently become more comfortable with audio recording. My next challenge will be video recording. I hope you enjoy my first ever spoken word performance!

Spoken Word:

How Social Distancing Saved Me

How Social Distancing Saved Me – A Spoken Word Performance by Klarissa
Slowing down for fibromyalgia. Writing on the bed with a coffee.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome back, Klarissa!!!

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