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Pandemic Christmas: Giving the Gift of Love

by Klarissa — November 26, 2020
Outstrectched hangs holding a small wrapped Christmas gift this pandemic Christmas

Some Christmas’ are rough and some are bountiful. Here is my pandemic Christmas gift list and how I’m paying my bounty forward.

All I want this Christmas is… everything I have missed the last few years. They have been very rough. Each year has thrown a new challenge my way, from overwork, family chaos, two big moves at Christmas time, to financial distress. Luckily, this pandemic Christmas looks to be a bountiful one. Here is a list of gifts this Christmas has in store for my kids and I.

Analog clock; time for pandemic Christmas

The Gift of Time

As a business owner in the first few years of business, I have not taken much time off over the Christmas holidays. Covid-19 has boosted my income through homeschooling my children along with two other children. This means that I can take a two week vacation, HOORAY!

Christmas ornament with a cat in the Christmas tree branches

The Gift of Decor

I will have time to fully decorate my home, without feeling rushed. I love decorating and planning for Christmas, but the feeling has been lost on me due to sheer exhaustion. This year, I will start early and take my time. I will decorate with care and hope that Trooper (our suicidal cat) doesn’t electrocute himself too many times by chewing on the Christmas lights.

Candles and gingerbread on a table; time for pandemic Christmas baking

The Gift of Good Food

Money was very tight last year. Christmas dinner was limited in nutritional value, not being able to eat gluten and limited time and resources for home baked sweets. This year there will be an abundance of healthy food choices and time to bake lots of treats. I will have money left over to donate some nutritious, gluten free meals to the food bank. When there is abundance in my life, I will not forget those who may not be so fortunate.

An oval Christmas ornament with hands holding a small gift, Christmas pandemic style

The Gift of Giving

I will fill as many of my children’s Christmas wishes as I can. My boys are generous and understanding. We had few gifts last year, but we believe in the gift of love over things and there were no complaints. I am so happy to be able to give my love and more this year. I am also thrilled that I will be able to fill other children’s wishes this year by purchasing extra gifts for those who are living on love this year.

Girl throwing a snowball

The Gift of Attention

With time comes attention. I am looking forward to giving my boys undivided attention during my two week vacation. We see each other all day at school, but I also tutor online in the evenings. It seems that, although we are together all day, there isn’t much quality time. By dinner, I feel like I know nothing about how their day was, even though I was there to witness it. I will play with Lego and cars with Jon, and Nerf target practice with Dominik. Together, we will play in the snow (if there is any) and we will cook and bake together. We will also enjoy some much needed quiet time on our own.

SnowChristmas ball depicting a snowball heart in gloved hands

The Gift of Love

I will be home to shower my children with love. However, I will miss not being with my parents and my sister’s family this holiday season. I will also miss not hosting my annual Christmas Eve dinner with my friends. Perhaps this is a year for Christmas cards, something that I had stopped sending many years ago – a different, but classic way of sending my love during a pandemic Christmas.

Photo Credits: 1. Photo by Ryan McGuire 2. Photo by Jessica Lewis  3. Photo by Dilyara Garifullina 4. Photo by Ben White 5. Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem 6. Photo by Iga Palacz.

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