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Quick Poetry Challenge: Write a Poem in Six Lines or Less

by Amber — December 10, 2020
A cup of tea on a desk beside a blank piece of paper ready for the quick poetry challenge!

Your quick poetry challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a poem in six lines or less. Share your creations in the comments!

Taking advantage of the free poetry classes offered by a local writing group, we were challenged to write a poem in six lines or less for the image below.
What would you write?
A street corner in a blizzard, a woman and child (bundled up from head to toe) wait to cross at the light. A sign with lights that reads -39°C. Burrrr!

Amber’s Quick Poetry Challenge

In the dense rise of morning, I walk, weighted down with lists.
The desire to break the rules building up, drowning out the crunch of snow underfoot,
calming my frozen cheeks and forgetting the blazing -39 ahead.
Forgetting the ticking metre, forgetting the clumsiness of winter and crossing the street.

Click here to see Amber’s haikus from her piece last summer.

Need inspiration? Check out a few more short poems by women, 9 Female Poets That Inspired Us This Year.

Grab a cup of tea and share your poems with us in the comment section below!

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