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Podcast on Disability Rights & Representation: Not Enough Air Time

by Meghan — September 17, 2021
Woman speaking into mic for podcast on disability

Back after a short break, Meghan shares her new podcast on disability rights and representation. Listen to ‘Not Enough Air Time’ with us! ~

Hi everyone! I’m back! I took a little break from writing to get a handle on some issues with my health. But now that I know where that is headed to some degree, I’m back to writing. I found out within the past year that I have broken steel rods in my back and as such I have been dealing with chronic pain which definitely affected my desire to write. As well as my energy level to do even the smallest things.

So, in the meantime I’ve started a new venture and platform to share my thoughts with people. I started a podcast on disability called Not Enough Air Time. The podcast topics will include every day life from my own perspective on disability rights, movements and activism, disability representation, and the occasional guest.

Dealing with my chronic pain issues kind of put me in a funk mentally and I haven’t much felt like writing. Hopefully that will change once I get a handle on how to treat said pain, but for now I’m enjoying my new platform. And I hope that you will listen and maybe even provide me with some feedback.

You can find me pretty much anywhere or you listen to your podcasts. Just in case though I will provide a link below:

I am super glad to be back guys and thank you for always reading, and now for listening to my new podcast on disability and other topics close to my heart.

*Photo by Karolina Grabowska 

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