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My Peace in the Universe

by Amber — October 3, 2011

I admit, I’ve dabbled. And while I don’t recommend going to a psychic, especially just ANY psychic, I find that in certain pockets of my life I’m drawn to the experience.

My most recent reading came from a man, in Vancouver, who read my star chart, over the phone. I found it remarkably odd how close he nailed me down, without even looking me in the eye. The comment that stood out the most, the comment that I just may live by for the rest of my life is “Given the choice between creating world peace and making the movie Star Wars, you’re supposed to make the movie”

I used to have moments in my life when I felt guilty for not being more socially active. For not picketing, starting petitions or finding the homeless, homes, but not everyone has that calling in life and I’ve come to believe, that’s okay. Someone has to provide the entertainment, the food, the beauty, and so much more.

To be honest, hearing those words released a long held breath from my lungs. I’ve never really been a career person. When I was a kid I had a new goal every week, teacher, dentist, actress and probably settled on the acting thing, simply because I could be so many people in one lifetime and have to be in school for a lot fewer years.

When I close my eyes and envision my future, it’s not big, but it’s so open. There is little focus and a whole lot of freedom to try new things. I want to experience life, not change it. I want to love the people who touch me and have them love me in return.

I don’t need to run a company, I don’t need to get a new law passed, heck I don’t need to save the world to make my mark on it. I intend to make my mark on the world in tiny pieces with simple smiles and small gestures, but mostly by enjoying what the universe has given me.

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