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My Imaginary Boyfriends

by Kate — December 20, 2011

As it is the last minute before my posting deadline, and as all the other deep and serious topics I was planning to write about are still unformed, you’re going to get a list of my imaginary, married-lady-crush boyfriends instead.  You’re welcome.

My Imaginary Boyfriends

1. Christian Bale in “The Prestige”.  Just that Christian Bale, no other Christian Bale.

2. Mark Carney, the head of the Bank of Canada.  I don’t know how to explain this one as it seems so wrong, because he is the head of the Bank of Canada, not a hot dude.

3. Jian Ghomeshi.  He’s a radio host for the CBC and his voice is like being cradled in the arms of a smooth buttery chocolate wizard.  I never want to see a picture of him, because for all  I know he is a pustulant troll.   And I never want to know anything real  about him, because I know from experience that once an Imaginary Boyfriend becomes real – like the time it turned out my husband not only knew Barry Pepper (he’s the sniper in Saving Private Ryan) but had played cards with him – the dream is DEAD. DEAD. DEAAAAAD.  So Jian, if you’re reading this – we can never meet.

4. Niall Ferguson. Brainy with Scottish accent who makes documentaries. I like like the “Ascent of Money”.

I am a nerd. And it just hit me right now that there is a definite theme going on in my Imaginary Boyfriend list.  Ha ha.

Merry Christmas!

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