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Down the Rabbit Hole

by Bridget — January 30, 2012

So, it’s just a few days into the year of the dragon and already it’s making me change. My trusty computer, Shamu, had been giving me some problems. Every so often her screen would suddenly go bleaaach… and the whole thing would freeze up. It happened once while I was compiling the epic dragon post. It was very annoying and I had to start a section of it over again – from scratch, but at least it kept on chugging away so I was able to make that final post. Anyway, a few days later I’m trying to watch a YouTube video having something to do with a WordPress plugin (no surprise there) when the screen suddenly goes bleaaach… again and freezes up in a very strange pixilated manner. I went to restart it, as I had the few times before but this time it doesn’t make it past that grey apple screen! I tried a few more times and then left it for the morning so it could sort itself out – but alas it did not! Thank goodness for the new Apple store because I booked myself a free appointment with a genius where I learned, sadly, that my computer is just getting too old. She feared a problem with the video card & the hard drive! So, in a bittersweet moment I bought myself a new top-of-the-line laptop & went home toting the new and the old under my arms; a little heavier in my hands & substantially lighter in my wallet.

At this point I am grateful for a few things:

a) That I have enough to purchase a new, & very awesome, computer without having to worry or go into debt.
b) That all my info was already backed-up on my time capsule. (Time capsule you are brilliant!)
c) That, after I called the Apple guys to clarify how to do it, I was able to move everything from my old computer onto my new one. I did not have to sit there with disk after disk reinstalling everything like in the good old days.
d) That my brainiac husband managed to get my old computer functioning again! Now I can at least use it to perform some non-crucial tasks like playing music, movies, or those evil flash heavy addictive online games.

So, with my new computer by my side, or should I say on my lap, we will be destined for great things. I chose the name Tallulah for her, it means leaping water. She has a crystal clear high-resolution screen and I expect her to bring a great deal of calm and clarity to my life as well as a little adventurous fun! Out with the old and in with the new…

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