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Let It Be (or; Vocal Training for a New, Old, Me)

by Bridget — June 27, 2014

A friend posted this newspaper clipping on Facebook a few years ago to remind us of our more innocent/elementary days perhaps? That’s me on the far left as Becky (to this day I still sing the songs).

I started taking singing lessons this week. I’ve never had private lessons for my voice before but it’s one of those things that has been on my bucket list for decades.

Since I can remember, I’ve always loved singing, being on stage, and public speaking. Growing up I was involved in drama and singing in choirs. I remember having a song for every situation, and during high school even my best friend’s mom once told me how wonderful it was to have me at her house because I never seemed to stop singing.

Just a few weeks ago my horoscope told me that a Taurus personality should sing to relieve stress as well as ease their emotional side. I read that and thought, heck ya! Why did I ever stop? And then I remembered how demanding my university days were – there wasn’t much in the way of free time and certainly no regular timetables for any kind of normality. Aaaah the gory days of theatre school. So instead of performance, as I never enjoyed auditions anyway, I wholeheartedly threw myself into being behind the scenes; designing and painting up a storm.

As luck would have it, an extremely talented friend of mine Tania Martin (singer of mind blowing proportions) recently asked for help with her social media presence – I guess I’m now officially her guru. I suggested an exchange of services: graphics/a social media boost/costume styling for singing lessons. A fine trade, in my humble opinion.

I shall now be revisiting the past and parts of myself that I thought I’d left behind. Like picking up any instrument that you haven’t used in a while, I’m rusty but I’m looking forward to dusting myself off, polishing my cords and expressing myself musically again. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to hit high C once more and dazzle you all with my effortless grace. Until then, I suppose I’ll have to ease through my need for perfection and just let it be. Wish me luck!

“Ev’ry Time You Say Goodbye”, sung by Bridget Steis   3:15   (press play to listen)


I recorded this just today (I mixed it myself with a backing track based on the Simply Red version). I had a difficult voice day this afternoon so this song isn’t as good at it could have been but that’s okay because I’ll improve upon it at a later date and it will be amazing! (No idea why it doesn’t have any track info or song time. You fail WordPress!)

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