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Make today ridiculously amazing – a micro challenge.*

by Lem — December 7, 2012

*Spend time with a loved one. Close your eyes and breathe. Go for a walk. Declutter your closet. Listen to your favourite music. Meet friends. Exchange ideas. Draw something. Dance like you’re crazy. Take a hot bath. Stay up all night. Sleep all day. … 

Of course, everyone of us has a different view on what makes a day ridiculously amazing. The little things – or maybe the big things?

I hereby open a micro-challenge: Spend a ridiculously amazing day this weekend. Write a short comment about your day, and why it was so amazing for you. Share the secrets of your amazing day. The best pizza in town makes your day? Share the location. Special amazing day techniques? We want to hear all about them. Go ahead, make your day!

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