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Director of Possibilities (or; Art Directing & Karaoke)

by Bridget — August 20, 2021
Silly Skype picture with the director of possibilities with 2 friends

After a brief hiatus, Bridget shares her close-to-home adventures in Hong Kong from the past month. The director of possibilities is baaack!

Happy summer everyone!!!! Sorry we’ve been taking a summer vacation from blogging. Partly from coronavirus lockdown numbness, and also from being busy with our own lives. But we’re baaaaaaaack! So here’s a little message from the Head Empress to catch you up on the nothing/everything that she’s been up to.

Take a quick peek back up to that first image of the 3 of us on a wilderness Skype call. I was trying to get Skype to do something else and accidentally hit “together mode” and this crazy scene outdoor scene happened. We were in the middle of one of our creative planning meetings. Thank goodness for hilarious accidents. The image quality is bad but you get the idea…

Adventures of The Director of Possibilities

Director of Possibilities a collage of Bridget's life. 5 images

Sunset dog walks, make Rocket a tiny workout outfit – a la Rocket Newton-John, watch the Euro cup, art in the park drawing afternoon with my painter friend Celia.

A collage of Bridget's life in 9 photos (images explained in the body text)

Meet HK BFF for lunch at the Hyatt in between Nathalie’s jewellery trade show demos, creative time with Celia and we stop by JPS Gallery Museum Belowground exhibit, nephew gets me hooked on mobile game Dragon City (I now waste a lot of time doing this), head to seafood dinner way out in the middle of nowhere (Lau Fau Shan 流浮山) with the in-laws, do another HIIT workout and complete my shred – someone feed me CARBS!

Director of possibilities does art directing in Hong Kong. Images from the making of the short film "Away"

Get job Art Directing a short film, design and shop for props in 6 days, on the 7th day (sounds biblical, eh?) show up to set and build a Russian kitchen from nothing but one fridge and a couple of shoe racks. Grateful for Troy and Jennifer‘s extra brainpower and helping hands.

Bridget's art directing in Hong Kong. Images from the making of the short film "Away"

Cram 2 days of shooting into 1 day – shoot 8 scene locations using the same rental space in one day.

Above left: shooting in the kitchen, Middle: screen grabs of balcony scene, kitchen, and the HK flat, Far right: local Hong Kong messy flat.

Short film: “Away”, Playwright: Kristina Pakhomova

Creative and fun times from Bridget's life, a collage of 9 images

Decompress from crazy film week, watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Opening Ceremonies in 2021, have the Olympics playing on the TV nearly 24/7, put on a dress and go out to dinner to celebrate ivory/gold wedding anniversary, meet up with friends for a private karaoke sesh, get hair done at Sozo, get stuck out in a downpour during little typhoon with Rocket so take cover at Pici with a tasty bevy, visit the HKMOA with Celia to see the terrific Surrealism exhibit, have nerves jangled and scream head off watching Canada win Olympic gold in women’s football/soccer.

Director of Possibilities creative time, a collage of 8 images from Bridget's life

Meet up with film buddies for lunch and chatting about next project, snap pic of hilarious dog portraits in the lounge where we chat [other pic of inspiring mural I saw from the taxi on the way to karaoke the other night], research for art direction for a sci-fi cold open, eat the most delectable pastry of preserved silver egg (thousand year old egg) and pickled ginger, meet awesome friend and photographer Cherry for dinner (laugh at her windowed mask), celebrate bossyrocket‘s 8th birthday, meet Celia to eat an interesting eel/sourdough concoction, to shop for art supplies, and then randomly bump into Hong Kong Olympians at a ceremony at the mall. LOL only in Hong Kong!

I hope you enjoyed following my random Hong Kong adventures. Brought to you by mask wearing, Pfizer vaccinations, crazy government border control, and mindful Hong Kongers. We’re lucky to be able to get out and do regularish things over here!

Take care and have a great weekend!

The Director of Possibilities/The Head Empress

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