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Those Little Teases

by Klarissa — April 3, 2013


Spring is a tease. The biggest one I know. She usually gives us little hints of spring. But sometimes she likes to give us a little bit more, right in the middle of winter, just to really frustrate us.

These big teases come as unseasonably warm days, usually between major snow storms. These days are warm and sunny. They are for pulling shorts and t-shirts out of winter storage, for playing in the park, or for heading to the beach. Sure, we can’t go swimming, but playing in the sand is a luxury in mid-winter, one I wouldn’t pass up on. When I lived in Toronto, it was a short trip to The Beaches. You can find pictures (in the local paper) of Torontonians enjoying these big teases every year. It’s a longer drive to the beach now that I am in London, but well worth it. I love seeing all the people coming out to enjoy the weather, the pleasure on my children’s faces as they play in the sand, the warm sun beating on my face, as I listen to the waves lapping on the shore.



These are the teases Spring uses to frustrate us. Those of you who live in the eastern part of the world might not understand why Canadians talk about the weather so much, well, this is definitely one of the reasons. I listen to many people complain that Spring is taking too long to show her face, but if they are quiet enough, then they would see that, come February, the little teases begin. I have found that they start with the chirping of birds, letting us know the sun is out a little longer every day. Those give way to less snow, warmer days, which lead to the budding of the trees. People worry that a spring frost will kill those buds, but they are resilient and have always come into full bloom when the time is right. These are the little hints that come softly, slowly and quietly into our subconscious until our
consciousness catches up and we smile and say,
“Hey, spring is here!”

18376578-vector-illustration--purple-crocusHere in London, spring officially arrived on March 20th. The birds are chirping, the days are longer and a bit warmer (although there is still snow in the forecast) and I have seen buds on the trees. I stand at my window looking out at my backyard. I am planning my garden in my mind and imagining my boys playing in the sun. I am not impatient though, I have seen the teases Spring has given and I know she is going to give me what I want soon enough. Spring may be a tease, but she has never let me down in the end.



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