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The Pictorial Evolution of a Tutu Design

by Bridget — April 29, 2013

If you’ve been following my last few posts you will know that I was very busy designing costumes for the Hong Kong Ballet for the past several months. Opening night has finally arrived, and passed, and now I’m left with an empty void where the constant babbling of a show once was. But in retrospect, I have put together a lovely little evolutionary pictorial of the making the my tutus – from paper to stage.

The show is a new full-length version of the classic fable of The Frog Prince entitled The Frog Prince: A Ballet Chinois. There’s a lovely review by the South China Morning Post if you’re curious to know how it was received (click here for review). In our story we have mixed an enchanting Chinese story with The Frog Prince so it’s not the same old version you knew as a kid therefore it’s full of surprises. The ballerinas in tutus are lotus flowers from the imperial ponds and they represent the innocence and purity of the society. They are the beauty that was borne out of the muddy depths of the putrid water. These beautiful flowers are later violated by the foreigners who storm the palace and all of China.


The Evolution of the Lotus Flower Tutu Design…

© Designs by Bridget Steis.

Tutu-Evolution1 tutu design Frog Prince Lotus FlowersTutu-Evolution2 tutu design bsteis HKB ballet wardrobe

Tutu-Evolution4 tutu design ballet rehearsal bsteis lotus flowers

All dancers portrayed in this piece are talented members of the Hong Kong Ballet.

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