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School’s out for Summer!

by Klarissa — June 22, 2013

school's out 1“Schools out for summer”

“…No more pencils, no more books,

No more teachers, dirty looks”

 Alice Cooper couldn’t have said it better with those lyrics and I definitely gave my fair share of dirty looks this year. Short as that year has's out 2

I have only been back to work since February, but I am looking forward to the summer break as much as the next kid and teacher. By the middle of May I was proving to be quite the hypocrite, assigning homework to my class, while complaining that my own son was still getting homework. I was done and so was he and so were the kids in my class. My son and I whooped with joy and did a little dance when he came home just over a week ago and said, “No more homework.” Meanwhile, my class still had homework…of course, if they did their work in class, then they wouldn’t have homework at the end of the year. It’s an age old story; school is mainly for socializing and I have to admit, I was no better.

So, here’s what I really want to know. What do you remember about the last days of school? Were you sad, happy, mixed emotions? How did you celebrate the last day of school? I remember the end of the year desk clean out (mine was always a mess) and the class party in the afternoon. I remember the kids singing Alice Cooper’s lyrics as we ran from the school throwing papers everywhere. I sang along with them, but as an earth friendly kid, I couldn’t bring myself to littering, but I ran, or skipped home, joyous to bring in the first day of summer's out 3



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