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No Maid, No Worry

by Vania — August 18, 2013

I lost my day help over a month and a half ago. She would come around 9AM and leave around 1PM, do all my housework, some cooking and an occasional groceries run. She was a big help. Why she quit is a long story, but this post is not about that, since I am over it. She quit at an awkward time. I was very close to moving out of my apartment, which is by the way slowly happening now, and it was really a hassle to train another day maid that I will employ for a short time. You see, we will be needing two live-in maids in our new house. So decided that I can do without the maids for now. Feeling sympathetic with my determination, my mom soon offered one of her maids to come three times a week. I took her up on it in a flash; I mean, she has three.

Considering how lazy I had been, it was amazing that I have been surviving in a productive manner. And here are the things that help me get through:

1. This is not an unfortunate condition. This is a wake up call.
A few weeks before I started playing an online game, Clash of Clans. I got so much—too much—into it that my life slowly started to revolve around it. It started getting in the way of quality time with my daughter Chloe. Horrible. I have to improve my time management so I can keep up with work around the house without sacrificing time with Chloe and my husband. It was time to put my priorities straight.

2. Clean as I go, sneak to clean and do not let any mess sit or accumulate for too long.
Doing everything all at once put a lot of pressure on me. If scum or dirt sits for too long, it is harder to clean. And if a disorganization piles up, I can either get used to it or get too lazy to clean it up.

3. It is okay to be a little bit dirty and messy.
The maid is coming tomorrow anyway. So just do the most important chore.


4. Involve Chloe in as many ‘fun’ chores as possible.
Chloe throws away her own trash into the trash can, puts her dirty clothes into the laundry basket and occasionally points out fallen hair I missed on the floor. She is convinced that she is capable of moping the floor; I have to mop when she naps.

5. Utilize the husband’s help.
Mostly with entertaining the toddler.

6. Be thankful.
As random as the mess he creates, the husband is very helpful, supportive and laid back. I am glad he is not a clean freak. Also, there are other mothers out there with more kids and more chores to do without any help. I am quite lucky.

7. Me time is essential, but don’t push it.
I think this point of view makes me more appreciative of my ‘free’ time and less stressed out when I don’t get any.

And last but not least…

8. Sleep is king.
Haha. Typing this at 3:30 AM is a bit ironic. I am going to be brain dead tomorrow.

Talking about being brain dead, I am expecting to be in this state until the end of the month. We are in the process of moving, which was one of the reasons why this post came late. Please pardon me. Very excited about moving into our new house, which by the way, will be the subject of my next post!

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