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Ode to my former waistline

by Kimiecat — August 22, 2013

I cleaned my closet, then I wrote this melodramatic sonnet in the style of Shakespeare. Place hand to brow & read it bombastically if you have ever been pregnant:

Ode to my former waistline

Waistline, forgive me, for I have wronged you,
These days beach towels barely span my body.
Those days you were with me, I ignored you.
I forsook you vainly, and you have forsaken me.

You’ve been expanded by a natural cause
a joyful new family addition
and even before, your small growth, that was
no fault, caused by genetic disposition.

I see so clearly how shapely we once
were. Waistline, buttoning jeans was a snap.
We’ve grown distant, by ten inches, these nine months.
Can’t we work it out & close this surmounting gap.

Find forgiveness for our younger selves, fools,
lost sight of beauty in sizes and diet rules.


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