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Staying on the Dock (or: a short story response)

by Sara — July 20, 2014

Sand Castle by Amanda BAmanda B’s image

The heat of the sun gives me a warm-contented type feeling. I close my eyes but turn my head toward the heat which causes the insides of my eyelids to turn orange. I roll onto my stomach, pick up my phone. I’ve got five lives on my Candy game but I’m stuck on this one level.  It’s beginning to bug me and besides, I’m in the great outdoors – shouldn’t I be enjoying this? I try to post a quick selfie of me on this dock with obvious nature behind me but there’s no network out here. “Oh well,” I think. “I might try later.”

A strong breeze blows over me and seconds later,  small waves rock the dock a little. I scoop up some lake water and while holding my low pony tail, I rub the cooling water on my neck.  A quick vision of me diving into the water flashes through my brain but then I remember I hate cold water. I rub a bit more water on to each arm.  I put my head back down.

“Hm?” I manage sleepily.

“Look at this, Mama! It’s the princess castle.”

“Wow,” I start to say before I’ve even looked up; but when I do, a follow up “Wow!” lets her know I’m actually impressed. It’s a sand castle with multiple levels built up onto pieces of drift wood; it’s been decorated with treasures she’s been collecting for the last three days. “Maybe you’ll be an architect when you get big.” She smiles.

I smile too. I’m proud that she knows what an architect is. I feel like because she knows something I didn’t at her age, it’s giving her more options.

A quick splashing starts and I hear a slight cough of water as she makes her way toward me. “Wanna swim with me, Mama?”

“Sure, ” I say because I’m trying to say yes more – it’s what the parenting books say you should do. I swing my legs to the edge and dunk my feet in. “Oh! It’s cold!”

“No it’s not, Mama, you get used to it!”

“Which means it IS cold!” She grins at me.

“Sorry sweetie, Mommy doesn’t like cold water.”

“But please Mama, you never come in the water with me!”

“No love, I just want to stay warm on the dock.”

“Alright,” she moans and doggy paddles back to her structure.

“I didn’t know what an engineer was either, ” I think.  “My girl has so many options.”


(Photo Credit: Amanda B on Flikr)

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