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Mother of Two Sisters

by Vania — June 9, 2014

Hooray! I am now a mother of two sisters.

Vania's Callie

Born 1 month and a day ago, 5 days early, our second daughter, Callie Megumi Wisan at 3,2 kg and 33cm. Callie was one tiny baby. We had a little run-in with jaundice in her first week, and she had to stayed in the NICU for one night. She has grown exponentially after that. She drinks a lot and is a little fussy. Unlike her sister who is sensitive to sounds since in the womb, she can sleep through most loud noises. That helps a lot since we sleep in the same room and Chloe’s bedtime routine includes screams and giggles.

Vania's Chloe

As for big sister Chloe, she has been a good sport and has been helpful. At bedtime, she waits patiently for me to put her baby sister to sleep so I can come cuddle with her. She loves her baby sister very much and despite initial tantrums due to the big changes, she has been understanding and mature – very surprising for her age. She wants to pet and cuddle her sister all the time. She tries to comfort Callie when she is crying. She cannot wait until Callie is able play with her. I am the proudest mother.

Being a mother to two babies is tough, straining, exhausting and turning me into a zombie. But my children make me happy. I pray that they will be happy, brilliant children and great sisters to each other.


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