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by Christina — February 6, 2017

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Write a love note to yourself this Valentine’s Day. Quality me time and self-love should be on the menu this February 14th!

I have this distinct memory of myself in my second year of uni: a single, raw, post-breakup me, walking by myself along St Giles on Valentine’s evening, when suddenly this thick swarm of lovey-dovey couples push past me. I literally have to duck and dodge to avoid getting slapped in the face by their lovedupness.

Fast-forward 14 years, and I’m happily married with a 16 month old. Except now, being alone is the ultimate luxury. I mean, having a shower that’s longer than 4 minutes is a luxury. Doing something ‘just because I feel like it’ is a luxury. Moisturising is a luxury. Sitting down and actually finishing anything is a luxury!

So this Valentine’s, I’m feeling in need of some self-loving. Me and I have some catching up to do. If I were to write myself a love note, it would probably go something like:

‘Dear Me,

I’m sorry I haven’t made enough time for you lately. There’s just been so much going on… 

I promise to spoil you more, to spend more quality time with you.

I’m sorry I can be mean and grumpy with you sometimes. I just want what’s best for you, but I know being a bitch doesn’t help.

I promise to be kinder, to be more mindful of the way I talk to you.

I’m sorry that I’ve doubted you at times. I just worry about you getting hurt or disappointed…

I promise to trust you more, to be your biggest advocate, to tell you that I’m proud…

Love, Me.”


I’ve begun this weekly ritual where I draw a few Power Cards to help strengthen my intentions for the week. Here’s my self-love pick for the week:

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So this Valentine’s whether we’re single or hitched, let’s give ourselves permission to put ourselves first. Let’s talk to ourselves like we’re talking to someone we love. Let’s remove the guilt from our pleasures. Let’s remember that we are the bosses of our own bliss.

C x


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